​Souls Forever

     The WICKED SOULS MOTORCYCLE CLUB is a III% Patriotic Motorcycle Club. Our goal is to build a Brotherhood of other like-minded American III% Patriots, Active Duty, Reservist, National Guard, Dependent, and Veterans. We aim to build those friendships and bonds over the love of riding motorcycles, our Country, & its Constitution. 
    The original WSMC was formed on the California Coast with the original membership predominantly made up of select active duty, reservist and retired military veterans. The membership included other like-minded Patriots as well as all who shared a deep love and passion for their Country, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, and all looking for a tight brotherhood and family. It was found that there are countless people cut from the same cloth looking for a home, many wanting more than what Riding Clubs or Social Clubs have to offer, but they are not cut for or ready for the life of the biggest clubs. The WICKED SOULS MC filled that missing link and offered that home, especially to our vets returning home from the war.